Cultural Synergies: An Orchestra is only fantastic if the musicians play together - for each other. They only produce something extraordinary and unique  because they leverage the diversity of skills, instruments and personalities. We call it cultural intelligence and it is no different in business or any other part of our lives. Has your organisation unleashed its full potential or do you all pretend to be trumpet players?

Leverage the Cultural Synergies in your organisation.

Here is what Gugin can do for you:

Provide intensive cross-cultural leadership training

Gugin has developed 12 intensive 1/2-day course modules which you can put together almost as you like

Determine the cultural DNA of your organisation

You need to know your cultural strengths and weaknesses. This is a process where we outline the Cultural DNA of your organisation which represents your identity to your internal and external stakeholders

Facilitate the organisational integration after a merger or acquisition

Gugin facilitates the cultural and organisational integration after a merger or acquisition. 2/3 of all M&A’s fail to meet their objectives due to cultural clashes. We are committed to bring down that ratio. We focus on the integration, while you keep your eyes on what you do best – your business.

Develop a corporate culture that supports your vision and values

Gugin facilitates the process of developing and implementing a corporate culture that supports your strategy and objectives in the best possible way

Develop your leadership team to leverage the cultural diversity

We bring all our experience and knowledge together when providing training for our clients. We have developed 12 half-day modules and a number of 1-2 day workshops that can be put together almost as you like.

Save your organisation if things get out of hand

If your organisation is trapped in an unfortunate situation where the best people are leaving and your perfomance is far from satisfactory then we can help getting you back on track. We find the roots of the problem and execute the necessary changes in order to bring back faith and motivation. Without motivation anything else is pointless.

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Gugin Research Unit

We have a fairly large research unit that conducts a vast amount of research on how we can leverage the cultural diversity

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Dr. Finn Majlergaard

Dr. Finn Majlergaard

Me and my colleagues in Gugin are eager to help you accelerate the synergies of cultural diversity

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