Increase Cultural Awareness in your Organisation

In short you should book Gugin’s “Increase Cultural Awareness in your Organisation” if you want to:

  • Enhance the Cross-Cultural leadership skills
  • Increase your Cultural awareness and Cultural awareness
  • Acquire effective cross-cultural leadership tools


Enhance Cross-Cultural leadership skills.

This is an intensive workshop focused on enhancing you leadership skills with Cultural awareness and Cultural Intelligence. Instead of regarding cultural differences as only challenges and obstacles you will learn to see them as opportunities and assets you can use strategically to become more successful as a leader.We start the workshop with developing your personal cultural intelligence followed by an introduction to the tools for cultural reconciliation and tools for planning ahead with multi-cultural teams.Acquiring cross-cultural leadership skills is more important than ever due to the globalisation, mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing and cross-border strategic alliances. We mingle national-, corporate- and profession cultures much more than ever before. That is why we need a new approach to deal with cultural diversity. The old habit of putting people in national clusters doesn’t work anymore – we are much more diverse.In this workshop we introduce you to the modern thinking and provide you with tools you can use today to lower the cultural frictions and enhance operational excellence.

The course is based on the latest academic research combined with real life experiences from many industries around the world. Globalisation, global de-regulation and technological developments have changed the rule of the game dramatically. Additional leadership skills are required in order to remain competitive. In this course to get the introduction to cultural intelligence, which will unlock a lot of power in your organisation and in your team.

Increase your Cultural Intelligence and Cultural awareness

Being able to analyse and respond correctly to a conflict that may be rooted in cultural differences has become paramount to modern leaders. We call that skill Cultural Intelligence. In this workshop we will introduce you to Cultural Intelligence starting with enhancing  and broadening your Cultural awareness. Often when we meet people who behave in a way we don’t understand we tend to reject them or show contempt. That alone can fuel a conflict. Instead we need to adapt a different approach that enables us to under stand and embrace diversity and ideally enable us to create synergies from that diversity. When you are able to do that – you are Cultural Intelligence.

Acquire new Leadership Tools

At the end of the douse you will have acquired new ways of addressing leadership issues related to differences in Cultures. You will be better at resolving conflicts between different departments, disputes with outsourcing partners, problem with employees who culturally don’t fit well in the organisation just to mention a few examples. You yourself  will also become much better at fitting in and become operational quicker in a new Culture because you will have increased Cultural awareness and Cultural Intelligence.

Workshop facilitation style

The workshop is highly interactive which requires a high level of participation. That also means that there should be no more than 12 people in each workshop in order to make sure that every participant get the opportunity to contribute, reflect, learn and change.

As it is a corporate workshop you chose the location and the people who should participate. We do however recommend that you set the team of participants in a dialogue with Gugin to ensure we create the necessary dynamic environment.

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Why attend Gugin's Cultural awareness workshop

Why attend Gugin’s Cultural awareness workshop?

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