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Who is Cross-Cultural training for?

We offer customised cross-cultural training for both corporations and as open courses, where you will have the opportunity to learn and share experiences with similar people from other companies in other countries. The open Gugin courses and workshops will be held in the major hubs around the world or in our love home city, Nice on the French Riviera. We also host a number of corporate workshops here. The open workshop will be announced in our newsletters, on LinkedIn and on this site.

We offer the following specialised cross-cultural workshops for your organisation

We have 12 intensive 1/2-day cross-cultural training modules we facilitate around the world. Read more about them below and contact us  so that we can find our how we can meet your requirements in the most learning-effective and cost-effective way.

We deliver the courses everywhere, also in 

Gugin is a global company and we deliver our services everywhere. Many of our clients have sites in several different countries. We then plan the training so that most people have the opportunity to participate and can share experiences with the other teams in the organisation. That stimulates the internal bonding.

Get the training program tailored to your needs

Your time is precious. Taking 12 people out for a workshop for 1-3 days is costly, so it better be worth it.  We therefore invite you to a conversation about how we can design a training program that fits your specific needs right now. You might want to focus on managing virtual teams, managing outsourcing partners, leading and managing people in a new part of the world, leading and managing people after a merger or acquisition. There are hundreds of scenarios so please contact us so that we together can develop the right program for you.

Build your training program from Gugin’s course modules

We have developed 12 individual modules that can be combined in almost anyway you like. Each module is 3 hours excluding breaks, so you can have 2 modules per day. Please contact Gugin for further information.


Our preparation

No matter what kind of workshop you chose Gugin to facilitate for you our quality assurance program is the same. 2 weeks before a workshop the participants are invited to answer a questionnaire about their expectation to the workshop. If it is a customised workshop there will also be questions related to the specific subjects we are addressing at the workshop.

Change is not easy, especially not when it involves ourselves. We therefore follow up on each attendant 1 month after the workshop to assess the impact of the workshop. An anonymised summary will be sent to the sponsor of the workshop.

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 Book a motivational speech

You can also book Dr. Finn Majlergaard for a motivational speech on how to take advantage of the cultural diversity. Download his c.v. here


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Intensive Cross-Cultural Training
Cross-Cultural Training & Global Leadership Workshops
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Cross-Cultural Training & Global Leadership Workshops
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Cross-Cultural Training is crucial for your success as a company. Gugin has 18 years of experience and has worked with 600+ companies around the world becoming better at leveraging the cultural diversity. Get in touch today
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