Anyone can copy your product, but nobody can copy your culture

We help your organisation by creating a winning corporate culture so you can attract the best employees and the best customers.

  • We align your corporate culture with your strategy
  • We boost cross-functional innovation
  • We facilitate post-merger integrations
  • We find the true strengths and weaknesses of your organisation
  • We train all levels in your organisation to become more culturally intelligent

We have helped and trained more than 600 organisations around the world.

Invest in your Corporate Culture

Here is why you should put your corporate in the centre of everything you do. 2/3 of all mergers and acquisitions fail to meet their objectives because of cultural clashes. A bad corporate culture has a huge negative influence on employee performance and employee satisfaction. If you have a bad corporate culture your customers can feel it too – just like you can feel if someone is lying to you.

On the other hand, when you have a great corporate culture people will work for less and your customers will pay more for your products and services. Furthermore, your organisation will be far more innovative and agile because people feel safe and happy.

The ideal corporate culture doesn’t develop itself

When a group of people are together they will always develop a culture, but most likely not the culture you need to succeed. Let Gugin help you develop and implement a culture that supports your strategic objectives and goals. This is the very best way to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Some of the companies Gugin has been creating winning corporate cultures for

A winning corporate culture sets you ahead of the competition

Your company culture is the glue that keeps your organisation together on a rainy day and when you have to go through periods of change. All organisations have a culture, but most of them don’t support the organisations’ strategies and missions. Does your corporate culture? Gugin analyses your organisation and brings you back on track.

Your Corporate Culture is your key to success

In a world where products get copied in no time and we have access to more information than ever before it has become increasingly difficult to build brands in the traditional way. Instead, the corporate- or company culture has become one of the key differentiators between success and failure.

Your ability to create a culture that attracts the right employees, the right customers and the right investors is a hard job, especially for managers or leaders who think it is all about economy and that culture is something you have as a side dish for marketing purposes.

Below you can see the outline of the cultural change process we facilitate when developing a new corporate culture together with a clients. It is an iterative process that the client needs to take ownership of as it never stops. Cultural change is constant. Today’s winning corporate culture will not be the winniner tomorrow.

Cultural change process by Gugin


Gugin Aviation

We help airlines and airports develop a culture that both customers and employees admire.

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We help Airlines and Airports prepare for future cultural challenges and we work with them to develop winning competitive cultures.

Gugin Healthcare

We help hospitals and clinics becoming better at working together across professions.

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