Gugin Course module: Cultural Reconciliation

3 Hours excluding Breaks – 1 Facilitator – 20 People maximum

Prerequisites for attending

The attendees are expected to have personal cross-cultural experiences. They are also expected to have experiences as a leader or manager where they could not solve a culturally related problem.

It is also a prerequisite that Cultural Intelligence 1 a Cultural Intelligence 2 have been completed.

After the Course

After the course the attendees will know a different and much more rewarding way of resolving culturally related conflicts.


A classroom is needed with Whiteboard and a projector where a computer can be connected

Cultural conflicts are more and more common as we work closer and closer with people from different countries, different companies and different industries. We end up in mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, outsourcing deals which all require special skills when it comes to dealing with the cultural challenges.

Most people tend to compromise, but a compromise is really a bad solution because none of the parties involved get what they originally aimed at. They will always try to make a better deal after the agreement has been made. So decisions based on compromises are unstable and ineffective.

We propose a better solution, namely cultural reconciliation which in contrast to a compromise seek to leverage from the cultural differences and deliver a solution that gives the parties involved more than they originally aimed at.

Topics covered in  the Cultural reconciliation course

  • Cultural dimensions.
  • Identifying cultural dilemmas.
  • Reconciling cultural dilemmas.
  • Implementation strategy.

Facilitation style

The workshop will be facilitated in such a way that the participants experiences will be blended with the academic content presented by the facilitator. There will also be individual reflection exercises when each participant is developing his or her action plan for change in order to become more cultural intelligent.

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