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Book this Emerging Market workshop from Gugin. We will share all our experiences and recommendations we have gathered through working all over the world for the past 18 years

New perspectives on Emerging Markets that is affecting the Global Economy

This 1-day workshop is not about invesment ideas or recommendations. Instead, it is about understanding global macroeconomic forces and trends to enable global business traders, investors and market analysists to better understand the marekt forces at play, in particularly at emerging and frontier markets. This workshop attempts to make a compelling case that, just as today’s global business traders and well- rounded investment portfolios include mature markets and some emerging market exposure, tomorrow’s opportunities must include increasingly more focus on emerging and frontier markets. More importantly, this workshop will alert participants to the vast opportunities and potential pitfalls of investing in emerging, and more specifically, in frontier markets while providing a case to better understand the microeconomic profile of these markets when researching and investing in the most promising emerging and frontier growth markets. Widely considered to be the next emerging markets, frontier markets, such as those of certain sub-Saharan African, Eastern European region, Asian, and Central and South American countries, are showing strong signs of reaching economic critical mass.  

Agenda for the Workshop

Start: 8:30 (Coffee/Tea from 8:00) – End: 17:00
1: An Overview of Emerging and Frontier Markets
  •  The importance of context
    • Cold War
    • Decolonization
    • International Development
    • Globalization and the ‘Global Village
  • Emerging Markets
  • Frontier Markets
Breaking Emerging & Frontier Markets by Blocs
  •  “Beyond ”Markets to Watch for”
2: Assessing Investment Opportunities: Risks versus Volatility
  • Assessing Investment Risks: Macroeconomics under the hood
  • The issues of volatility. Political and socio-economic factor, and liquidity
  • Understanding structural Reasons behing Volatility
Filtering the Media Noise: Realities versus Myths
  • Understanding Market Realities: Risks versus Opportunities
  • Debunking Myths: The case for Vietnam, Kenya, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Serbia, Sierra Leone and more
Coffee Break
3: Cases, Video Studies & Brainstorming Sessions
Cases, Video Studies & Brainstorming Sessions: Challenging Common Sense & Assumptions: What we Know about Emerging and Frontier Markets
You will get a delicious 3 course lunch menu
4: Microeconomic Strength of Emerging and Frontier Markets
  • Assessing GDP Growth and Equity Returns: It is Tricky
  • A Brief Historic Assessment of Emerging and Frontier Markets Returns
  •  Learning from Advanced and Emerging Markets History
  •  Taking Advantage of Microeconomic Trends
5: Cases, Video Studies & Brainstorming Sessions
Cases, Video Studies & Brainstorming Sessions: Challenging Common Sense & Assumptions: “Converting Knowledge into Action”
Coffee Break
6: A Global Market Trade Perspective: From Here to Where?
  • Advanced Economies Revisited
    • The EU and EEC Economies
    • The United States and the NAU
  • Volatility is here to Stay: Grabbing the Opportunity
  • A Case for Africa
    • Benefiting from Macroeconomic Data
  • A Case for Africa
  • The Top Most Competitive Markets in the Globe
  • Assessing Market Opportunities through WWF 12 Pillars, not the Media!

Who should participate?

This workshop is designed for executives who wants to be updated on the latest trends in Emerging Markets and who want to have an overview over the current and future risks and opportunities. The workshop will be great for hedge fund professionals, international business executives, trade organisations and academics in this field

About Marcus Goncalves, Ph.D.

Marcus GoncalvesMarcus Goncalves is an international management consultant with more than 25 years of experience in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.  He holds a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems, a doctorate in Education from Boston University, and is working on his doctorate in Business Administration at Saint Joseph University, in Macau, China SAR. He has more than 45 books published in the U.S., many translated into Portuguese, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Spanish. He’s often invited to speak on international business, global trade, international management and organizational development subjects worldwide. Marcus has been lecturing at Boston University and Brandeis University for the past 16 years. He has also been a visiting professor and graduate research adviser/examiner at Saint Joseph University, in Macao, China for the past four years. He is an Associate Professor of Management, and the International Business Program Chair at Nichols College, in Dudley, MA, USA.


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How to sign up?

You sign up for the workshop by using the form below and once the workshop fee (950€) has been received your participation is confirmed. We want this to be an interactive, high-value workshop so the number of seats are limited to 20. The fee includes access to the workshop, lunch and refreshments throughout the day. [contact-form-7 id=”1503″ title=”Contact form 1″]

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