Gugin makes your corporate culture your strongest asset


Anyone can copy your Products, but no one can copy your Culture

We make your corporate culture support your strategy

We train your organisation to become cultural intelligent

We lead you through cultural change

We integrate organisations after mergers and acquisitions

Gugins services to the Aviation Industry

Gugin helps airlines and airports around the world creating  corporate cultures that attracts passengers, employees and investors

Gugins Services to the Healthcare Industry

We help hospitals and clinics improve the collaboration and boost innovation across function, professions and locations

Post-merger Integration

We take responsibility for the post-merger integration process so you can concentrate on your business

The top 5 challenges managers are facing

What are the top 5 challenges managers are facing today? Well read on

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Gugins services to the Healthcare IndustryWe write a lot about the issues our clients around the world are facing, the latest research and the solutions we constantly develop.

Global consulting services

Our Consulting Division helps companies around the world creating winning cultures and facilitate change processes. Click – and read on

Free 30 min Consultation

Get a free 30 minutes consultation where we discuss a cross-cultural issue in your organisation. No strings attached.

Book a motivational speech

Put cultural awareness and cultural synergies on the agenda. Book Dr Finn Majlergaard for a conference speech or a corporate event.


Some of Gugins clients

A winning corporate culture sets you ahead of the competition

Your company culture is the glue that keeps your organisation together on a rainy day and when you have to go through periods of change. All organisations have a culture, but most of them don’t support the organisations’ strategies and missions. Does your corporate culture? Gugin analyses your organisation and brings you back on track.

Gugin Aviation

We help airlines and airports develop a culture that both customers and employees admire.

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We help Airlines and Airports prepare for future cultural challenges and we work with them to develop winning competitive cultures.

Gugin Healthcare

We help hospitals and clinics becoming better at working together across professions.

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