Anyone can copy your Product!

But no-one can copy your Culture.
We help Organisations create and grow winning Cultures


Make Healthcare more effective

Boost collaboration and innovation across professions in hospitals and healthcare clinics with this tailored workshop

2/3 of all Post-merger integrations fail due to cultural clashes

Post-merger integration is our core competence. If you partner with us you can remain focused on what you are good at – your business

We work with the Aviation Industry



We help airlines and airports improve customer experience and employee satisfaction

The key is understanding cultural diversity and how we can all be together without starting a conflict



Make your Corporate Culture your biggest competitive Advantage

Here is what Gugin can do for you:

Speeches and Workshops on global leadership

Book dr Finn Majlergaard for a thought-provoking speech or workshop on how you can use cultural diversity to create competitive advantage and a more agile and innovative organisation

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Determine the cultural DNA of your organisation

You need to know your cultural strengths and weaknesses. This is a process where we outline the Cultural DNA of your organisation which represents your identity to your internal and external stakeholders

Facilitate the organisational integration after a merger or acquisition

Gugin facilitates the cultural and organisational integration after a merger or acquisition. 2/3 of all M&A’s fail to meet their objectives due to cultural clashes. We are committed to bringing down that ratio. We focus on the integration, while you keep your eyes on what you do best – your business.

Develop a corporate culture that supports your vision and values

Gugin facilitates the process of developing and implementing a corporate culture that supports your strategy and objectives in the best possible way

Develop your leadership team to leverage the cultural diversity

We bring all our experience and knowledge together when providing training for our clients. We have developed 12 half-day modules and a number of 1-2 day workshops that can be put together almost as you like.

Save your organisation if things get out of hand

If your organisation is trapped in an unfortunate situation where the best people are leaving and your performance is far from satisfactory then we can help get you back on track. We find the roots of the problem and execute the necessary changes in order to bring back faith and motivation. Without motivation anything else is pointless.

3 good reasons why we should talk


M&A's that fail due to cultural clashes


Managers who feel they need more cultural intelligence


Companies who have lost deals because of cultural misunderstandings

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Effective, To the Point and practical Training modules that accelerate the cultural synergies in your organisation

About Gugin

Learn more about us, our values and our way of working

Gugin Research Unit

We have a fairly large research unit that conducts a vast amount of research on how we can leverage the cultural diversity

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Book Dr. Finn Majlergaard as a speaker

Book Finn Majlergaard for your next event, conference or masterclass. Read more here

Dr. Finn Majlergaard

Dr. Finn Majlergaard

Me and my colleagues in Gugin are eager to help you accelerate the synergies of cultural diversity

Blog posts and articles on accelerating cultural synergies

Leadership Training reinvented

Leadership training has to be reinvented in order to be relevant for tomorrows leaders and managers. AI and automation are changing the leadership roles dramatically. Why do we need to reinvent leadership training? We need to reinvent the leadership training primarily...

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3 Topics all Leaders should have on their Radar Screen

Leaders need to check if their organisation is ready for the future. The worst thing you can experience as a leader is suddenly not being able to attract customers and employees and you don't know why it suddenly isn't possible. Here are 3 topics that should be on...

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5 reasons you will never become a Leader

A lot of people want to become a leader. This article is about why you most likely will fail to become a leader. The article is also about what you can do yourself to change that situation. But you will probably find it is much harder than you anticipated.

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Leadership Keynote Speaker by Dr Finn Majlergaard

Leadership keynote speaker, Dr Finn Majlergaard delivers thought-provoking global leadership speeches and workshops all over the world, based on 25 years of experience with 600+ companies. Anyone can copy your product but no one can copy your culture. Learn to become the best in leadership

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