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Online cross-cultural consulting is a great support to the manager of multicultural teams

Our clients love our online cross-cultural consulting service because it fulfils a need many managers have. You might have been an excellent manager who knows how to tackle every situation. Then you suddenly become the manager of a multicultural team or get a group of new employees from the company that you have acquired. No matter who they are they have different norms and values and a different behaviour than you are used to.
So some of the management tools you know no longer have the expected outcome. What do you do? Do you raise the issue with your own manager by asking for help? Probably not – because you don’t want to be exposed as a manager who cannot motivate or lead a group of culturally diverse people. The solution is Gugin online cross-cultural consulting. You simply contact us and we assign a consultant to you right away.

The online cross-cultural consulting is also great for the new manager, who needs someone to contact in case there are questions or a second opinion on a new initiative is needed. In any case, Gugin can provide instant help – in any language (almost), around the clock anywhere in the world.

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