Get online Cross-Cultural Leadership Coaching

When you need it - Anywhere in the world from the experts who have helped more than 600 companies around the world since 2002

"You are a a very experienced leader. But nothing you know or have learned apply to your current situation."

You have a hard time understading why your new team members behave the way they do

New leader?

You need an independent, external coach

You have been hired for a reason, but there are still a lot of uncertainties about how to motivate, communicate and succeed with a multicultural team

Unusual situation?

Is your organisation going through unusual times like a merger, acquisition or reconstruction? 

Then anxiety will be a dominant feeling in your organisation. We can help you and your organisation getting through a period with increased uncertainty

It is lonely being a leader

With a Gugin Coach, you have an experienced person to call whenever you need it.

Your job as a leader is more complex than ever before. Therefore you need a coach who is available whenever you need it. Some issues just can’t wait

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cross-cultural leadership Coaching?

Cross-cultural leadership coaching is a service from Gugin where we use all our expertise and experience to help leaders and managers with cross-cultural issues. It is typically when the leader or manager ends up in an unusual situation that requires new tools and approaches.

Is the coaching for individuals or teams?

It can be both but usually, it is coaching for individuals. For teams, we recommend workshops in order to ensure the best learning process for everybody

What re the typical cross-cultural topics you help leaders with?

It is a broad range of topics we help our clients with. Most often it is about experienced leaders or managers who find themselves in situations where their existing toolbox is insufficient. It can be in a new culture, in an unusual situation or where the company needs to make a drastic strategic change. In these situations, we help the leader determine the best path to pursue. Often we facilitate leadership coaching as a part of a cultural change project for a client. 

How do I buy online consulting?

First, you have to decide which package you want to buy.

Then you prepay your package 

Contact Gugin to make an appointment

Simply use the contact form here and make sure the name and email address you indicate matches the ones you used when making the payment. You will then be contacted shortly

1 Hour online Consulting

Get one hour of intercultural leadership consulting. The fee includes preparation and a 15 min follow up call 2 - 4 weeks after the session

5 hours online Consulting

The time in this package can be divided into 30 minutes timeslots and shared with your colleagues. The choice is yours.



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