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Why leaving Facebook is the right thing to do

Why leaving Facebook is the right thing to do This article is about why I closed my Facebook account 2 months ago and why I feel it is one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time I actually started writing this article before Facebook fell down from the...

Leadership Training reinvented

Leadership training has to be reinvented in order to be relevant for tomorrows leaders and managers. AI and automation are changing the leadership roles dramatically. Why do we need to reinvent leadership training? We need to reinvent the leadership training primarily...

5 reasons you will never become a Leader

A lot of people want to become a leader. This article is about why you most likely will fail to become a leader. The article is also about what you can do yourself to change that situation. But you will probably find it is much harder than you anticipated.

Leadership Keynote Speaker by Dr Finn Majlergaard

Leadership keynote speaker, Dr Finn Majlergaard delivers thought-provoking global leadership speeches and workshops all over the world, based on 25 years of experience with 600+ companies. Anyone can copy your product but no one can copy your culture. Learn to become the best in leadership

When we accept behaviour today we wouldn’t accept before

Why we accept behaviour we didn't accept before Unlike what we might initially think cultural values change over time. That is the truth for any culture - in fact no culture would be able to survice if it didn't adapt to the external environment all the time. When I...

Can you do too much for your employees?

We raise the question because we did a large survey for a client last month that gave some surprising results - results that will require some further research - for sure, but we will disclose the conclusions with you in this article. We have anonymised...

Why I always bring a hard case onboard a plane as hand baggage

This is an article about how airlines are pleasing all the wrong passengers I fly a lot. In Gugin we have a number of airlines and airports as clients, where we help them to figure out how to deal with the very diversified behaviour different cultures have...

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