Welcome to the Cultural Interchange workshop

My name is Finn Majlergaard and I look forward to facilitating this workshop with you on 25. November 2022. Posessing cultural intelligence is often a critical differentiator between success and failure in all aspects of life, not only business. 

I have had the opportunity to see your profiles and I am impressed by your depth and diversity of experiences. And that diversity is the best foundation for getting a workshop where you will learn the most and put your own experiences and perceptions into new contexts.

It will not be a workshop where I will flip slides all day long. It will be a workshop where your active participation is required and I will try to make it as interactive as absolutely possible in an online learning environment.

For the preparation, I need to know more about your previous experiences and expectations to this workshop.


I will therefore be grateful if you will fill out the form below as soon as possible. The more information you give me, the better workshop I can prepare for you.

See you soon


Finn Majlergaard


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