4-Day Workshop:

Learn how to include your entire organisation in your innovation projects


Your team will learn a powerful innovation framework while building cultural intelligence. 

 This is necessary when you want to bridge the subcultures in your organisation when innovating

Teach you organisation to become really innovative

Gugins Innovation and Cultural Intelligence Workshop

By focusing on innovation throughout your entire value chain, rather than just your product or distribution channel, you can gain a significant competitive advantage. Gugin’s experience working with numerous organisations has shown that one of the biggest cultural challenges is collaborating effectively with other departments within the same company. To overcome this challenge, it is essential to develop a high level of cultural intelligence.

That’s why we have designed a workshop that not only teaches a powerful innovation framework but also helps you enhance your cultural intelligence.

Innovation is crucial for the competitiveness of your company. Unfortunately, most innovation projects don’t deliver the expected outcome.

Why do Innovation projects fail?

In short, because they are usually focused on a narrow part of the value chain. In order for innovation projects to really become successful, you have to innovate across the value chain, across corporate subcultures and sometimes together with your customers and suppliers.


Most Innovation Projects

Most innovation projects are narrow. You innovate a new product, a great new way of delivering your product, a new promotion tactic for your product, new ways of collaborating, etc. It is all great, but not good enough.

When innovation dies it is too late to change. So it is very important to maintain the habit of innovation even if you don’t have to

Cross-functional Innovation

You only gain a long-term competitive advantage if you can innovate across different functions and subcultures in your organisation. But that is extremely challenging because everyone has their own agenda, different values, norms, objectives. On top of that, we have an internal rivalry between different departments in the company.

Working together with people who are very different from oneself is challenging and therefore usually avoided.

But in this case, it is necessary, and at this experimental workshop you will learn how you can do it

The healthcare industry is an area where Gugin has delivered a lot of value in terms of boosting innovation

10 types of Innovation training by Gugin

What will this Gugin workshop do for you?

You will learn to appreciate the different perspectives and ideas of your colleagues in other parts of your organisation. Instead of defending your own point of view, you will learn to see them a co-creators

You will learn the 10 types of innovation – a framework developed by Larry Keeley and how you can incorporate the various perspectives into an innovation of much higher quality, that can’t be copied by competitors that easily.

You will learn to bring people, who have different perspectives, competencies and experiences, together for the benefit of your organisation.

You will learn how to stimulate your creative brain as an individual as well as in a cross-functional team.

You will learn how to facilitate an innovation process involving a great deal of professional and cultural diversity.

Gugin has a lot of workshops that will help your organisation accelerate innovation. Have a look for yourself.

How is the workshop organised?

This workshop, like all Gugins workshops, is focused on giving you tools and frameworks you can use right away. The facilitation is an iterative process where new concepts are introduced followed by either a case, a role-play or other activity.

We can also customise this workshop to be based on your own innovation project, which we will work with throughout the workshop.

A typical outline for the workshop looks like this

Day 1:Introduction and goal setting

  • Introduction to Larry Keeley’s Innovation Framework
  • Introduction to cultural intelligence
  • Assessment of current innovation culture in the organisation (or in the case)
  • Common obstacles to innovation (role play)

Day 2:

  • The discipline of building breakthroughs through innovation
  • Understanding the value systems of the different subcultures within the organisation.
  • How to bridge the gaps between the different subcultures in the organisation?
  • Innovative profit models that are accepted in the society
  • Creative thinking tools

Day 3:

  • Based on a case or your own organisation:
    • Which (minimum 3) of the ten types of innovation will you focus on?
    • How will you satisfy all the involved subcultures?
    • How will you challenge converntional thinking?
    • How will you create an innovative profit model?
    • What are their internal and external success criteria
  • Draft and test an innovative solution to the case or the task from your own organisation
  • Prepare presentation

Day 4:

  • Each group will present their innovative solution and
    • Explain how they will use cultural intelligence to make the solution even better, more acceptable and easier and faster to implement
    • What are the cultural and organisational risks?
  • How to build and maintain a cross-functional innovation culture
  • What is next? What is your plan? How will you make your organisation more innovative across the different subcultures? 

4-full-day workshop!

It will be 4 intensive days and because we work with creative thinking and cross-cultural issues it is important that the workshop is taking place in an undisturbed place and there we can continue also after dinner. We will be happy to advise you on a good location. Alternatively we have access to excellent facilities here in the Alps just north of Nice.


Practical information about Gugins Innovation acceleration workshop

The Gugin cross cultural Innovation workshop is facilitated at a location of your choice. Maximum 25 people can participate and the group should be as diverse as possible representing several parts of your company. Ideally, it is a location away from the participants’ daily environment.

At least 2 weeks before the workshop we agree on specifically what you want to achieve, the current cultural and organisational obstacles. That is necessary in order for for us to customise the workshop specifically to your needs

Let us get started!

An Innovation acceleration workshop will always be customised to your needs. Get in touch today and let us talk about how you want your organisation to create a competitive advantage through innovation

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