Cultural Awareness Workshop

6 Hours excluding Breaks – 1 Facilitator – 20 People maximum

Prerequisites for attending

The attendees are expected to have had experiences with working across cultures of some kind so that they can relate to the subjects we cover.

After the Course

After the course the attendees will understand and accept why we are different culturally and that there is more than one right way to do things! The attendees will have acquired the tools to analyse the outlines of a cultural conflict.!


A classroom is needed with Whiteboard and a projector where a computer can be connected

Most cultural conflicts arise because we interpret other people’s behaviour and appearance the wrong way. We can only change that if we develop a higher level of Cultural Intelligence, which is the purpose of this intensive course module.!

Cultural Intelligence is firstly the ability understand and accept that our differences in cultural preferences lead to different behaviours and different value systems. Secondly Cultural Intelligence is the ability to leverage from that diversity instead of ending up in a conflict. This course module covers the first part.!

Topics covered

• There is more than one right way to do things.
• The layers of Culture.
• Identifying other people’s norms and values.
• Cultural Identities.
• How to change your own behaviour.

Developing Cultural Intelligence is like climbing a ladder; the higher you get the more you can see and the more you will understand.!

Facilitation style

The workshop will be facilitated in such a way that the participants experiences will be blended with the academic content presented by the facilitator. There will also be individual reflection exercises when each participant is developing his or her action plan for change in order to become more cultural intelligent.

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