Make hospitals and clinics more effective, more innovative and much better workplaces with the right culture

3 days – 2 facilitators – 30 people Maximum

International Workshop For Healthcare Professionals

Why do healthcare systems need this workshop?

Healthcare systems around the world are under tremendous pressure because of ageing populations, and a lack of resources and staff that has been pushed to the limits during the Covid-19 pandemic. On top of that, we see budget cuts and difficulty in attracting and recruiting new staff.

This workshop is about how you can create a culture where you can deliver better service, becoming more innovative and collaborative without pushing the staff to the limits.
We will apply best practices and ideas from other sectors and from other countries. We will look at how national policies and structures affect the effectiveness of different healthcare systems.
That is why we want this workshop to have participants from several countries so we can get as much knowledge sharing and network building as possible.

It is worth noting, that this workshop is purely about creating the best workplace culture by applying best practices and experiences from other countries.

The purpose of this workshop is to help the hospital or clinic address the strategic cultural issues it is facing. We will address the issues the hospitals or clinics have identified themselves but also the issues we can see based on megatrends, our experiences and our research. After the workshop, each participant will have a prioritised list of topics and a road map towards actionable solutions in order to meet their strategic goals and objectives

Create better healthcare systems with Gugin

Why you must participate in this workhop?

With the challenges the healthcare systems are facing, getting new inspiration from new sources is crucial. Sharing knowledge with and learn from people who work in the same field as you but in a very different setting is one of the greatest motivators for re-thinking, innovation and change.
If we only speak with people who see the world in the same way we do, it is far too easy to agree on what is possible ad what is not possible.

Who should participate?

This workshop is intended for all decision-makers and influencers in both the public and private healthcare systems. The best ideas do not always come from the top of the organisation, so the more diversity we can have in each workshop, the better it is.

What will you take away from this workshop?

You will have a catalogue of new perspectives on the challenges you are already facing. As Albert Einstein said: “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. When you leave this workshop you will have some new initiatives you can try – initiatives others have tried. It can for instance be initiatives on how to attract and retain people in a labour market where resources are scarce and the competition is fierce. Or it can be initiatives on how to improve patient satisfaction. We don’t decide the topics for the workshops – you do. We will facilitate the workshop in such a way that we will use the shared knowledge of the group to compile a valuable catalogue of initiatives that will be useful to all of you.

The workshop process

In order to maximise the learning from the workshop we have a pre-workshop assessment phase, the workshop and a post-workshop follow-up phase. They are described in more detail below.

1. Pre-workshop-phase

In the pre-workshop phase, we want to learn more about the current issues the participants and their hospitals and clinics are facing. The pre-workshop phase has 3 elements and participants will be involved in two of them.
The topic/needs/pain points and themes are discussed with the participants prior to the workshop. Using a method of co-creation and discovering the inner wisdom of the individual and group (systemic thinking), the workshop follows a format of discussing megatrends, identifying key areas, problem-solving and action planning. We use the wisdom of the group and individual through active participation, experiential learning and problem-solving activities.

  1. An online survey where we want to gather information about current issues, priorities and actions that can be related to the purpose of this workshop.
  2. Based on the survey we will draft the final agenda which we will present at a zoom meeting with all participants and receive feedback for modifications and additions.
  3. Detailed planning of the workshop

The Workshop


2,5 – 3 days in an undisturbed venue, ideally in a remote place in nature. By taking the participants out of their comfort zone they get a more intense experience where they can seek inspiration from the surroundings in developing solutions to the topics we cover.

Tentative Program

Day one – late afternoon

  1. Arrival and welcome

  2. Introduction and goal setting based on pre-workshop activities

  3. Dinner

  4. Short and funny team-building exercises

Day two – morning

  1. Morning hike in nature

  2. Breakfast

  3. Introduction to the facilitation process

  4. Why are healthcare systems under pressure and which solutions are being tried out?

  5. Why is workplace culture crucial and how do you develop the right one?

  6. Lunch

Day two afternoon

  1. Input from facilitators on megatrends, best practices, research or case studies

  2. In groups: Working on the selected topics and generating ideas for solutions

  3. Walk-the-talk exercise in nature

  4. Dinner

  5. Roleplays where we will illustrate the cultural issues and possible solutions

Day three – morning

  1. Morning hike in nature

  2. Breakfast and summarising day two. What did we learn?

6. In groups: Working on the selected topics and generating ideas for solutions

  1. Each group develop action plans that are both ambitious and realistic

  2. Lunch

Day three afternoon

  1. Presentation of topics and rate relevance, importance, feasibility and adaptability

  2. Assign tasks to participants and follow up program

  3. Dinner

  4. Socialising and networking

Post workshop

We will follow up with each of you to make sure you make progress. We will also organise at least one zoom event where we all meet again and report on progress, new developments, success stories, challenges, etc.

Please take this survey and help us improve this workshop

Remember: We don’t touch any medical or clinical issues in this workshop. It is entirely about improving collaboration, innovation and workplace culture.

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Why should you choose Cross-Cultural training from Gugin?

From we started the company in 2001 we knew we would need an engine that could keep us ahead of the competition and constantly deliver world-class consultance and training. The world is constantly changing and we need to change with it and indeally develop services that addresses the agenda of tomorrow. Gugin stands on 3 pilars: Consulting, Training and Research. They fuel each other with great ideas for innovation and service development. When, for instance, we are helping a company with corporate cultural change we might discover cross-cultural issues, we haven’t seen before. We then reseach it further and find a great solution to the client and we can upgrade our training portfolio.

So you will NEVER experience us using 50 years old research, like Hofstede’s cultural dimensions that promotes cultural stereotypes based on nationalities. In fact our research has shown that these stereotypes don’t exist and that if you are promoting stereotypes like “the french are like… and the canadians are like…” you will just create more conflicts.

In everything we do, we focus on how you can synergies from the cultural diversity and our approach is generic. Bringing different nationalities together is no different from bringing different companies, different professions, different age-groups or different sub-cultures inside a company together. All our training gives you generic tool for levelraging the cultural diversity, no matter where it exist.

We develop generic cultural intelligence you can use every where 

About Gugin Training Modules

All our 1/2-day corporate training modules are designed as intensive, interactive learning modules. You can combine the training modules almost as you like. They can also fit into your existing training programs or corporate university curriculum. We also have longer, more in-depth courses. Please see the complete list of standard courses we offer. We also design a lot of specialised training and coaching programs together with our clients if the existing courses don’t meet the needs.

Prerequisites for attending

The attendees are expected to have personal cross-cultural experiences that include having been in situations where they were uncertain about what to do because they were outside their cultural comfort zone.


You will organise the venue – everything included – and manage the participants. Gugin will provide instructor and course material. Gugin can also be a full-service course organiser, but usually, our clients want to organise the practicalities themselves. You can invite 12 people to each course module.

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