Gugin Course module: Motivating and rewarding a Multicultural Team

3 Hours excluding Breaks – 1 Facilitator – 20 People maximum

Prerequisites for attending

The attendees are expected to have participated in Cultural Intelligence 1 and to have personal cross-cultural experiences.

After the Course

After the course the attendees will be able to motivate their team members i many different ways depending on each member’s preferences. The attendees will also know how to create a motivation model that fit smoothly into the organisation.


A classroom is needed with Whiteboard and a projector where a computer can be connected


Gugin on: Multicultural motivation and reward systems

In this module  you will learn how to motivate and reward a multicultural Team. We are all different and we feel motivated by different factors depending on our cultural preferences. If we want to leverage the full potential of our team we have to differentiate how we motivate and reward each individual. Factors that serve as a motivation factor for one person can easily serve as a demotivation factor for another. For instance some people feel motivated by high, perhaps unrealistic expectations, while that might very well serve as a de-motivation factor for others. Some are motivated by money, others by more intrinsic factors like appreciation, freedom, recognition, team affiliation etc.

If we are de-motivated by something it cannot be compensated by for example more money. So we have to learn how to reduce the de-motivating factors. That alone is a challenge – in a multicultural team it requires a new way of thinking. You will learn that in this course module.

Topics covered

  • The psychology behind motivation and rewards.
  • Assessing your team and its diversity with respect to multicultural motivation and reward factors.
  • Creating a motivation model for your team.
  • The multicultural feedback process.

Facilitation style

The workshop will be facilitated in such a way that the participants experiences will be blended with the academic content presented by the facilitator. There will also be individual reflection exercises when each participant is developing his or her action plan for change in order to become more cultural intelligent.

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