Speech: The Power of Culture: How It Can Make or Break Your ESG Transformation

A Keynote Speech by Dr Finn Majlergaard

This speech is about why your company culture will either be an enabler or a hindrance to your ESG transformation

What you need to know before booking this speech on how Artificial Intelligence will change your Corporate Culture?

Who is this speech aimed at?

This speech has 4 target audiences, namely:

    1. Corporate executives and leaders, who are responsible for driving ESG transformation within their organisations and would benefit from understanding the role of culture in achieving their goals.
    2. Investors and shareholders. – They are increasingly interested in investing in companies that prioritize ESG issues and would benefit from understanding how culture impacts ESG performance.
    3. Employees and staff play a critical role in implementing ESG policies and practices within their organisations and would benefit from understanding how culture can support or hinder these efforts.
    4. Industry experts and analysts are often called upon to provide insights and guidance on ESG issues and would benefit from understanding the importance of culture in driving ESG transformation.

Why should you book this speech?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This famous quote by management consultant Peter Drucker highlights the importance of company culture in driving success. But how does culture impact ESG transformation? Can it really make or break your efforts? Join Dr Finn Majlergaard as we explore the role of culture in ESG transformation and discover how it can be the secret ingredient that takes your organisation to the next level.

 Dr. Finn Majlergaard will explain the crucial role of Culture in ESG Transformation and how the company culture can impact ESG transformation in both a bad and good direction. He will include examples from the clients Gugin has worked with as well as other cases where cultural change has fuelled the ESG transformation.

 Other topics that will be covered in the speech are:

  1. The Benefits of a Strong Culture for ESG Transformation
  2. How does ESG transformation affect employee engagement and retention?
  3. How does ESG transformation influence innovation and creativity?
  4. How does ESG transformation influence reputation and brand value?
  5. The Risks of a Weak Culture for ESG Transformation.
  6. Lack of employee buy-in and participation.
  7. Negative impact on reputation and brand value.
  8. Strategies for Building a Strong Culture for ESG Transformation.
  9. Leadership commitment and accountability.
  10. Employee involvement and empowerment 

 There will not be time to cover all the above aspects unless the speech is converted into a longer workshop format. If you book this as a speech we will discuss which of the topics to focus on.

Where is the keynote speech delivered?

Dr Finn Majlergaard delivers his keynote speeches all over the world, either at conferences, business schools or corporate events. Often the speeches are followed up by a work or training session for a smaller audience. You can learn more about Gugin’s training sessions and workshops here.

Who is Dr Finn Majlergaard?

Dr Finn Majlergaard is the founder and CEO of Gugin. Gugin has helped more than 600 companies around the world with corporate culture change, post-merger integration, crisis management and cultural turn-around. Apart from being an award-winning keynote speaker, he is also a professor at several business schools and universities around the world. He has published several books and he is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and Financier Worldwide. He holds a doctorate degree from International School of Management in Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and New York and an MBA from Henley Business School. He has also founded several other companies and is on the board of directors of several companies that share his values and ambitions.

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