Cultural Awareness Workshop

2 days (12-hours) excluding breaks – 1 facilitator – 18 people Maximum

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Who is this course module aimed at?

Most cultural conflicts arise because we interpret other people’s behaviour and appearance the wrong way. We can only change that if we develop a higher level of Cultural Intelligence, which is the purpose of this intensive course module.!

Cultural Intelligence is firstly the ability understand and accept that our differences in cultural preferences lead to different behaviours and different value systems. Secondly Cultural Intelligence is the ability to leverage from that diversity instead of ending up in a conflict. This course module covers the first part.

This course is more high-level than Introduction to Cultural intelligence. It is therefore suitable as an introduction to cultural intelligence for leaders and managers who just need to get an overview.


What will you learn?

You will learn to understand the world around you in a different way. You will become aware of why people behave different depending on their cultural preferences, values and norms. 

You will also learn that there is more than one truth and that success depends on your ability to bring different realities together in a common solution instead of fighting for your own point of cultural view

Which topics do we cover?

There is more than one right way to do things.
• The layers of Culture.
• Identifying other people’s norms and values.
• Cultural Identities.
• How to change your own behaviour.

Developing Cultural Intelligence is like climbing a ladder; the higher you get the more you can see and the more you will understand.

Why should you choose Cross-Cultural training from Gugin?

From we started the company in 2001 we knew we would need an engine that could keep us ahead of the competition and constantly deliver world-class consultance and training. The world is constantly changing and we need to change with it and indeally develop services that addresses the agenda of tomorrow. Gugin stands on 3 pilars: Consulting, Training and Research. They fuel each other with great ideas for innovation and service development. When, for instance, we are helping a company with corporate cultural change we might discover cross-cultural issues, we haven’t seen before. We then reseach it further and find a great solution to the client and we can upgrade our training portfolio.

So you will NEVER experience us using 50 years old research, like Hofstede’s cultural dimensions that promotes cultural stereotypes based on nationalities. In fact our research has shown that these stereotypes don’t exist and that if you are promoting stereotypes like “the french are like… and the canadians are like…” you will just create more conflicts.

In everything we do, we focus on how you can synergies from the cultural diversity and our approach is generic. Bringing different nationalities together is no different from bringing different companies, different professions, different age-groups or different sub-cultures inside a company together. All our training gives you generic tool for levelraging the cultural diversity, no matter where it exist.

We develop generic cultural intelligence you can use every where 

About Gugin Training Modules

All our corporate training modules are designed as intensive, interactive learning modules. You can combine the training modules almost as you like. They can also fit into your existing training programs or corporate university curriculum. We also have longer, more in-depth courses. Please see the complete list of standard courses we offer. We also design a lot of specialised training and coaching programs together with our clients if the existings courses don’t meet the needs.

Prerequisites for attending

The attendees are expected to have personal cross-cultural experiences that includes having been in situations where they were uncertain about what to do because they were outside their culturasl comfort zone.


You will organise the venue – everything included – and manage the participants. Gugin will provide instructor and course material. Gugin can also be a full-service course organiser, but usually our clients want to organise the practicalities themselves. You can invite 12 people to each course module.


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