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Introduction to Cultural Intelligence

This is the foundation course that we recommend everybody to take. It introduces you to intercultural management and cultural intelligence. Becoming culturally intelligent is like climbing a ladder and in this intercultural course we take the first steps

Corporate Culture Discovery Workshop

You are probably good at assessing and acting on your financial risks, strategic risks, market risks, etc. But how good are you at assessing and acting on the cultural risks?
What if your corporate culture is a liability for the ability to hire the right people in the future? What if you have undiscovered cultural strengths? Most organisations actually do have undiscovered strengths. How well-aligned is your corporate culture with your strategy?
These are some of the questions we will help you find answers to during this 1- or 2-day workshop. At the end of the workshop, you will have a clear picture of your cultural strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Cultural Nudging - The fun way to change a culture

Cultural Nudging is a fun an effective way of adjusting e.g. a corporate culture. Gugin has developed this course after having  developed our cultural nudging methodology over the past decade. 

Learn how to include your entire organisation in your innovation projects

Your team will learn a powerful innovation framework while building cultural intelligence.
This is necessary when you want to bridge the subcultures in your organisation when innovating

Cultural Reconciliation

Learn how to reconcile cultural conflicts so that you end synergizing from the cultural diversity and create a solution better than any of the involved parties imagined

Get ready for Emerging Markets

In this course module, you will learn which cultural and organisational factors to take into consideration when developing your business in one or more emerging markets.

The Global Middle Manager

The course module focuses on the major cultural challenges the middle managers in global organisations are facing. We will deal with the most common challenges and show you can reconcile these challenges and potentially turn them into synergies, making your team more effective and agile.

Global Leadership Preparation

This course module on Global Leadership focuses on helping you to determine your cross-cultural strengths and weaknesses as a global leader.

Leading Virtual Teams

It is challenging managing, motivating and directing a group of people who are not physically together and maybe never have seen each other before. In this course, you will learn the tips and tricks to successfully leading and managing virtual teams.

Intercultural leadership

This high-level intercultural leadership module addresses the most common issues leaders and managers have when they have to lead, motivate and manage a culturally diverse team. And you will become comfortable with leading people outside your own cultural comfort zone

Advanced Cultural Intelligence

In this course module, we will climb further up the ladder from where we reached with Introduction to Cultural Intelligence. We will learn why it is a bad idea to compromise and we will learn how the concept of Culture is far more diversified than we usually think. Understanding that complexity is one of the main attributes of great Global Leadership.

Find your strengths and weaknesses as a leader

This course module focuses on helping you to determine your cross-cultural strengths and weaknesses as a leader. It is not uncommon that leaders experience that everything they have learned and skills they have developed are becoming less useful in a different cultural environment. That can be in a new country, a new organisation or when it comes to lead an outsourcing partner.

How to Identify and Repair a Toxic Workplace Culture

With this 1-day workshop on toxic workplace cultures, you will learn how to identify a toxic workplace culture and you will learn how to repair it by imposing cultural changes on the organisation. Many are only looking at toxic behaviour and propose ways to deal with that. It is however Gugin’s experience that sustainable change has to start with changing the culture.

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Tailor your Corporate Leadership Training with Gugin Training Modules

Motivating and rewarding a Multicultural Team

In this module, you will learn how to motivate and reward a multicultural Team. We are all different and we feel motivated by different factors depending on our cultural preferences. If we want to leverage the full potential of our team we have to differentiate how we motivate and reward each individual.

Leading through Change

Managing a daily operation can be challenging. Leading your team through major changes requires a whole new skill set. It is as far from business as usual as you can get. A high level of uncertainty, fears, political games, lies and personal positioning are just some of the things you have to deal with. All that at the same time as you have to complete an unfamiliar, risky mission.

The Global Project Manager

This course module addresses the special cross-cultural challenges project managers of global projects are facing. Project managers typically only have a short-term relationship with their teams with the one goal to complete a project. Depending on our cultural preferences we do however have very different interpretations of what is important. For some finishing on time is the most important and for other it is the quality of the delivery. Most project managers will claim they are aiming at delivering the agreed quality within the timeframe. The reality is we have to compromise and reschedule.

Other Courses

Improve collaboration and boost effectiveness and innovation in the healthcare industry

Facilitating cultural change in the healthcare industry can be challenging because we on one side have the experienced doctors who promote the best practices we are comfortable with and on the other side we have the younger doctors who promote all the new opportunities the new technology gives us. This workshop is about how we can reconcile this dilemma so both the older and younger doctors and the patients benefit from the diversity.

Corporate Culture Integration Workshop

This Corporate culture integration workshop is designed to improve collaboration and accelerate the corporate culture integration process after a merger or acquisition over 2-3 days.

Accelerate the Innovation in your Organisation

Innovation is crucial for the competitiveness of your company. Unfortunately, most innovation projects don’t deliver the expected outcome.

Why do Innovation projects fail?

In short, because they are usually focused on a narrow part of the value chain. In order for innovation projects to really become successful, you have to innovate across the value chain, across corporate subcultures and sometimes with your customers and suppliers.

Increase Cultural Awareness in your Organisation

This 1-day course enables your organisation to work better together across profession cultures, national cultures, age-group cultures, company cultures etc. You learn to learn from people who have other perspectives than you. This way you all grow.

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