Gugin Course module: Leading Virtual Teams

3 Hours excluding Breaks – 1 Facilitator – 20 People maximum

Prerequisites for attending

The attendees are expected to have personal cross-cultural experiences. They are also expected to have experiences as a leader or manager where they could not solve a culturally related problem.

It is also a prerequisite that Cultural Intelligence 1 a Cultural Intelligence 2 have been completed.

After the Course

After the course the attendees will know a different and much more rewarding way of resolving culturally related conflicts.


A classroom is needed with Whiteboard and a projector where a computer can be connected

It is challenging managing, motivating and directing a group of people who are not physical together and maybe never have seen each other before. To make it even more challenging virtual teams often exist for a limited period of time because they are often tied to a specific project or a temporary process.

The popularity of these teams is a function of the globalisation and they are necessary in order to keep down travel costs and increase flexibility. But how do we make sure that the saved costs and the increased flexibility are not diluted by all the disadvantages of having virtual teams?


Gugin on: Managing Virtual Teams

This is one of the questions we will find an answer to in this course module.

Topics covered

  • Get a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges of having virtual teams.
  • Adopt best practices on how to form, manage and measure virtual teams.
  • Get the necessary tools to deal with the cultural diversity in these teams.

Who should attend this 1/2-day course module?

Gugin recommends this module to managers of virtual teams as well as their superiors as it is important for everyone to understand how challenging is is to form and lead these teams.

Facilitation style

The workshop will be facilitated in such a way that the participants experiences will be blended with the academic content presented by the facilitator. There will also be individual reflection exercises when each participant is developing his or her action plan for change in order to become more cultural intelligent.

We will also do a few role plays for simulation purposes and you will be gives tools to exercise your role as a manager of non-physical teams.

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