How to destroy your Company Culture in 5 easy steps

A Keynote Speech by Dr Finn Majlergaard

It is much easier to destroy a company culture than you might think – despite it has taken many years, sometimes even decades to build. This thought-provoking speech is about how you can destroy your company culture really quickly.

Make your organisation think about the importance of your corporate culture in a fun and thought-provoking way

The quality of your corporate culture is everybody’s responsibility – not only the management’s. Therefore, it is important that the entire organisation takes responsibility for developing and maintaining a culture that ensures your company’s success.

Who is this speech aimed at?

This thought-provoking and entertaining speech on how to destroy your company culture is aimed at employees, managers and executives  in organisations of all sizes.

Why should you book this speech?

We usually forget the value and importance of our company culture until we have lost it. And when it is lost it is lost. There is no rewind button. The company culture is the factor that takes a company through difficult times. The company culture is one of the main reasons for employees for coming to work and your company culture might be one of the main reasons for your customers buying your products or services.


Unfortunately, a lot of companies are destroyed because of mismanagement, either caused by lack of knowledge or pure short-term financial greed. Watching it is painful. It is like watching a serious traffic accident in slow motion. For the people involved, it is of tragic. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


In the speech Dr Finn Majlergaard will give you 5 easy ways to destroy your company culture. They are compiled on basis of of our hundreds of clients over the years. Artificial Intelligence, digitalisation and globalisation are all factors that can lead to destruction of a company if they are not addressed properly.


So book this thought-provoking speech on company culture if you want to bring the topic at the heart of your decisions


Where is the keynote speech delivered?

Dr Finn Majlergaard delivers his keynote speeches all over the world, either at conferences or at corporate events. Often the speeches are followed up by a work or training session for a smaller audience. You can learn more about Gugins training sessions and workshops here.

Who is Dr Finn Majlergaard?

Dr Finn Majlergaard is the founder and CEO of Gugin. Gugin has helped more than 600 companies around the world with corporate culture change, post-merger integration, crisis management and cultural turn-around. Apart from being an award-winning keynote speaker, he is also a professor at several business schools and universities around the world. He has published several books and he is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and Financier Worldwide. He holds a doctorate degree from International School of Management in Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and New York and an MBA from Henley Business School. He has also founded several other companies and is on the board of directors of several companies that share his values and ambitions.

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