Finn Majlergaard

Dr Finn Majlergaard is the founder and CEO of Gugin. He is leading the global Gugin team when helping companies around the world developing winning corporate cultures. He is also a serial entrepreneur, professor, author and an award-winning keynote speaker Visit his LinkedIn profile here:
An employee betrays you. What do you do?

An employee betrays you. What do you do?

Most people have tried being betrayed by another person. How we deal with it in a personal setting can vary a lot depending on the circumstances and our personal attitudes. When it happens in a company when someone betrays the company in one or the other way, we need...

The Nobel peace Prize to Europe – A Warning

I am always looking forward to see who are honored with the Nobel peace prize. Usually the winner of this prestigious award has done a lot to promote peace or fight injustice in a part of the world that deserves international attention - a Nobel peace prize...

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