Finn Majlergaard

Dr Finn Majlergaard is the founder and CEO of Gugin. He is leading the global Gugin team when helping companies around the world developing winning corporate cultures. He is also a serial entrepreneur, professor, author and an award-winning keynote speaker Visit his LinkedIn profile here:
Is Islam = Terrorism?

Is Islam = Terrorism?

Is Terrorism = Islam? Of course not It is easy to judge the terror attacks we have witnessed in Paris as a spin-off of radical islamism as all of the terrorists were muslims. I am writing this short article because I have worked with this subject for quite many years...

The New Homeless

Home means protection, belonging, feelings of ownership, safety, and overall a place where everything is known. At home, we understand the way things work and the relationships among others. We learn from others (parents) or teach others (brothers and sisters, sons...

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