You are the CFO of a fairly large family owned business. You have been there for many years and you are happy with job, because you have a lot of freedom to manage your department as you like and the family respect your decisions. you have built up your department over many years and you know that it is the best qualified people you have in each and every position.
Then one day the owner wants to see you. The meeting is about the owner’s 23 year old daughter. She has just graduated from business school and he want her to take over the business one day. He believes a lot in his daughter and ask you to give her a middle manager role in your department so that she refers directly to you. You know the daughter. She is nowhere near qualified. She has practially no work experience, her grades were below average from the business school and she only seems interested in her horses, traveling and being with her friends. You know that if she comes into your department as middle manager it will create a lot of unrest and people who you trust and respect might leave the company.

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An employee betrays you. What do you do?

An employee betrays you. What do you do?

Most people have tried being betrayed by another person. How we deal with it in a personal setting can vary a lot depending on the circumstances and our personal attitudes. When it happens in a company when someone betrays the company in one or the other way, we need...

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