Award-winning Keynote Speaker Dr Finn Majlergaard has a thought-provoking approach to what leadership in a globalised world is all about. As a leadership keynote speaker, he is not afraid of pointing out weaknesses and to suggest solutions beyond what you read in leadership and management textbooks. You will not be bored!

Leadership keynote speaker Finn Majlergaard

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Here is a sample of Leadership keynote speaker Finn Majlergaard presenting a  speech at Entrepreneur India conference 2017 in New Delhi

Some of the topics Leadership keynote speaker Dr Finn Majlergaard covers

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How Artificial Intelligence will change Corporate Culture

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What happens when the hero in the organisation is no longer a senior person but a computer? What happens when your boss tells you that he trust the computer more than he trusts you? What happens when you get fired because your job can be better done by a computer?

Artificial Intelligence is going to change our lives dramatically in the years to come. In many areas, we already acknowledge that humans make more errors than computers. The reason why air travel has become so safe is mainly that computers have taken over the control of the plane. We could operate aircraft without anyone in the cockpit, but we are not there – yet!

Would you fly a plane without pilots if you could get a discount?

But how does artificial intelligence affect our company culture? Most people have a desire to become better at what they are doing – partly because they then get recognition and perhaps even a pay raise. For most people a job is not just a job – it is a part of our identity.

What happens when your experience and intuition is becoming obsolete because the computer can make better decisions faster based on big data and multi-faceted analysis?

How will that affect our motivation, our desire to make an effort?

We can also change the attitude and find out how we can become better, have more fun, get more opportunities my embracing artificial intelligence. See it as a partner rather than a competitor.

But what if our new best friend – the artificial intelligence – decides to make us redundant?

We need to be conscious of the dilemmas!

Leadership keynote speaker Finn Majlergaard

Leadership keynote speaker Finn Majlergaard

In this speech, Leadership keynote speaker Dr Finn Majlergaard will not argue for or against artificial intelligence. He will outline a number of important dilemmas we have to relate to. We human beings are social creatures. We need affiliation, we need recognition, we need feeling safe. If these crucial elements are taken away from us it can take down any company. Once you have ruined your company culture it cannot be rebuilt easily.

This interactive speech lasts from 1 to 1,5 hours but can also be extended into a 3-hour workshop.

Turning Cultural Diversity into your biggest asset
In most organisations, there is an internal rivalry between the different functions, locations, professions etc. This rivalry between the different subcultures serves the purpose of shaping the identity of each function, location and profession. A healthy rivalry is good but when it gets out of hand it drains the organisation for positive energy, momentum and ability to perform.

In this interactive speech Leadership keynote speaker, Dr Finn Majlergaard will address why we end up in such a situation and what we can do to get out of it again. He will use both real-life examples and academia when addressing this issue. He will also include examples where Gugin has been asked to help out to illustrate how difficult a cultural turn-around can be if you think it will go away by itself.

How to prepare the organisation for change
We like change as long as it is other people who have to change. when it comes to ourselves we are very resistant. Our fear of change is very deeply rooted so it takes a lot more than a powerpoint presentation to actually make people change behaviour, direction or values.

In this speech, Leadership keynote speaker Dr Finn Majlergaard will address how we can create a culture that makes it safer for people to change – to try something new. The first step is to understand the nature of fear and how fear influences our behaviour. We are not rational machines but emotional creatures predominantly motivated by fear. The second step is to assess what we are afraid of and make that conscious. The third and final step is creating an environment – a culture, whare we have the courage to overcome that fear.

In this interactive speech, you will be guided through these steps spiced up with examples and short exercises.

How to solve cultural conflicts the intelligent way
Usually, when we have a conflict of interests we aim at a compromise. But a compromise is actually the worst possible solution because none of the parties involved gets what they aimed at in the beginning. That makes the solution very unstable because the parties will always try to get a better deal if an opportunity arises.

We pursue compromises because we believe that it is the best possible solution. But it is not!

In this speech, Leadership keynote speaker Dr Finn Majlergaard will guide you into a different concept – reconciliation. A reconciliation differs from a compromise by leveraging the differences to achieve a solution none of the parties could have achieved on their own.

In other aspects of life, we often use the phrase “I couldn’t have done it without you” often. It is not any different in business in politics but we are not trained to see it that way.

After the speech, you will have a set of tools that enable you to start changing the way you solve conflicts. A way that will lead you towards more stable, sustainable solutions that leverages the diversity instead of fighting it.

Global cultural challenges for the aviation and hospitality industries
The rise of emerging and frontier markets provides a lot of opportunities for both local and global businesses. If you are selling a product you get access to new markets you can develop and grow. If however, you are in the aviation or hospitality industry it is far more complex.

Most global airlines see huge growth potential in emerging and frontier markets because the economic growth develops a middle class that will travel for both business and pleasure. The big hotel chains can see the same thing.

This new middle class will behave very differently in airports, in aeroplanes and in hotels. How do you prepare for that as an airline, an airport or a hotel chain who want to expand successfully in these new markets?

Another cultural challenge for the aviation and hospitality industry is the fast-growing number of elderly people who continue to travel even with limited mobility. How do as an airport tackle that in an environment where a lot of people are hurrying around, are late for planes and require a fast access to the arrival gate? And how do you tackle it onboard the plane where boarding end de-boarding will take a lot longer time. The rise of frustrations is easy to spot.

In this speech, Leadership keynote speaker Dr Finn Majlergaard will outline the consequences for the aviation and hospitality industry when the new middle classes start to travel in big numbers at the same time as we have an ageing population that continues to travel because they can afford it.

Improve collaboration and boost effectiveness and innovation in the healthcare industry
Facilitating cultural change in the healthcare industry can be challenging because we on one side have the experienced doctors who promote the best practices we are comfortable with and on the other side we have the younger doctors who promote all the new opportunities the new technology gives us. This work is about how we can reconcile this dilemma so both the older and younger doctors and the patients benefit from the reconciliation.

So the question is: How can we Improve collaboration and boost effectiveness and innovation in the healthcare industry so that the older, experienced doctors don’t block all technological improvements and the younger, less experienced doctors don’t rely entirely on a new technology that might not work properly?

In this speech, Leadership keynote speaker Dr Finn Majlergaard will address the implications of this generation clash and outline the cultural values the two generations have. He will then – illustrated by examples – suggest a new path for hospitals and healthcare clinics. It will be a path that leads to a situation where experience and thirst for innovation go hand in hand towards new goals. These goals are increased client and employee satisfaction, increased efficiency, increased profitability and increased organisational effectiveness.

Anybody can copy your product - but no one can copy your culture
Anybody can copy your product – but no one can copy your culture is something that should stay on the top of every business owners head. Most businesses are very conscious of their financial and market performance. Very few companies are conscious of how well their corporate culture supports their business objectives.

When we in Gugin do a cultural assessment of a company we very often find that the corporate culture is counterproductive to what the company tries to achieve.

  1. Having the culture on top of the agenda has a number of other advantages.
  2. Customers will buy your products – not because of the specifications, but because they want to be associated with your company culture
  3. Employees will stay – for less – because they value the working environment</li><li>Customers are more likely to forgive you when you make a mistake if you have a culture they admire</l

In this speech,an> Leadership keynote speaker Dr Finn Majlergaard will talk about the importance of having a strong corporate culture, how you assess if you have one and how you get on the track developing an even stronger corporate culture

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How will massive automation and surveillance shape our culture?
It is already there – the automation, Internet of Things, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence etc. Some people tend to embrace the automation and fall in love with every new development while others seem to be more sceptical.

But no matter what your standpoint is, it will affect the way we are together, the way we communicate and by that the culture we are part of. It is already a fact that many children have problems de-coding other peoples non-verbal communication because these children spend so much time in front of iPads and other electronic devices. What will happen to them later in life? Some researcher er convinced that these children will live alone because they don’t know how to form social relations in real life. And what kind of culture does it give us?

In this speech, Leadership keynote speaker Dr Finn Majlergaard will address a number of scenarios and outline possible cultural changes we might see. As frightening/promising as the future might look like it is, however, a fact that it is too late to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Inspirational speech

Let your team get new inspiration on how to leverage the cultural diversity and build on the strong culture you already have. Anyone can copy your product but no one can copy your culture

Prepare for change

Develop the cultural skills of your team. No only will you avoid cultural conflicts in the future you will learn how to leverage cultural diversity. It will make you more productive, more innovative and make your company more attactive for future employees, investors and other external stakeholders.

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Clearing the air

Are you in that unfortunate situation that your team is not working well together? Let Gugin bring you back on track with a 1/2-day intensive workshop with a tailored follow-up program. Read more here.

All speeches and masterclasses are customised to your needs. Depending on the situation the participants might be asked to answer some questions or participate in an interview with one of Gugin’s researchers. We do that to ensure we address the most important issues and deliver as much value as possible to you.


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Leadership keynote speaker Dr Finn Majlergaard


Award-winning keynote speaker Dr Finn Majlergaard is the founder and CEO of Gugin – a global operating consulting and training firm. Gugin is specialised in creating winning corporate cultures for companies and organisations around the world.

Dr Finn Majlergaard delivers thought-provoking speeches to any audience. His purpose is to make people think outside the box by leveraging the cultural diversity.  It will not be boring! He spends a lot of time on preparation every time, so you get a right to the point speech.

He founded the company in 2001 and he and his colleagues have worked with hundreds of companies and organisations in 5 continents.

He is also an entrepreneur and has founded several companies including Educated Singles and Find Supervisor

Dr Finn Majlergaard teaches at several business schools and universities around the world and he facilitates several executive leadership classes at world leading business schools, among them HEC Executive Education in Paris.

He has published two books on leveraging cultural diversity and how to create competitive advantage from cultural diversity. They can be found on all major online bookstores

He is also a member of the Society of Industry leaders and a fellow at The World Certification Institute.


Finn Majlergaard holds a doctoral degree from International School of Management in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on how to create competitive advantage from cultural diversity. He also holds an MBA from Henley Management College, UK and he wrote his MBA dissertation on how to motivate and reward multicultural teams in the most effective way.

Prior to founding Gugin, Finn Majlergaard had senior management positions in global companies like IBM, CSC and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting.

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