Trump, Putin or Kim Jong-Un

3 people who gain global attention. 3 people who almost everybody have an opinion about. Before we continue we will like to hear your opinion by answering the short poll below. We will also be grateful if you will share this page so we can get as many answers as possible. We will deal with the results and the comments in the upcoming newsletter, so please sign up in order to stay informed.

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Was it difficult?

Was it difficult to choose between Trump, Putin or Kim Jong-Un? Probably not as our preferences are very dependent on our geographical location and cultural affiliation.

This poll might seem as a harmless poll with no deeper purpose. But there is a deepr purpose.

Cultural Intelligence prevents nuclear wars!

One of the key learning points in all the training we do in Gugin is that everything we do we do for a reason. And everything we do make sense to ourselves. It might not make sense to anyone else, but it makes sense to us. At least at the time where we do it.

If you have cultural intelligence you will understand why people express themselves, act and behave the way they do. You don’t have to accept it, but you must have the capability of understanding other people’s behaviour.

If you do – or are interested in learning it you will find out that we can solve problems in much more intelligent and peaceful ways. The people living in North Korea, Russi and USA pretty much have the same aspirations in life. The all love their children, they all want to live in peace, they all want to do it better than the previous generations. But they also have fear. We all do.

When we have fear we are easy to manipulate by people who know how to do it. Trump, Putin and Kim Jong-Un all master that skill. That is why they have an interest in threatening with nuclear war and paint images of others as being a huge threat to their own country. And war is after all good business for the few and devastating for the many. YOU probably belong to the many, so you have both the responsibility and the means to change direction.

You might of course also be one of the many who truly believe that world is black and white. That choice is of course entirely yours, but that is the only choice I don’t respect

Interested in elevating your level of cultural intelligence?

If you are interested in learing how to benefit from the cultural diversity and learn how to avoid cultural conflicts from escalating then have a look at our courses here.

You can also take the introductory course on Not only can you take the course you also have the option of getting certified afterwards.

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