The Corporate Training Dilemma

Corporate Leadership Training is often the most effective training because all the participants share the same goals and are part of the same corporate culture. But there are still challenges to overcome. Training people at all levels in an organisation to be able to benefit from working in a global multi-cultural environment seems like an almost impossible and very expensive task. Yet we have to face the challenges and maybe even learn how to benefit from cultural diversity. We all know of projects that were severely delayed because of cultural clashes. We all know of products that came too late to the market because of internal rivalry, we all know good people who have left the organisation because they didn’t feel they fit in and we all know businesses that have perished because they underestimated the cultural change they had to go through when going from being regional to being global.

Corporate Leadership Training – Gugins core competence

We have developed 12 intensive interactive corporate training modules, which you can put together almost as you like. Each module has been carefully designed to give each participant new knowledge that can be applied in his or her job right away. Each module is 3 hours excluding breaks, which means you can have 2 modules per day. Depending on the course module you can invite up to 18 people for each module.

Let Gugin tailor the right Corporate Leadership Training for your Organisation

Your time is precious. Taking 12 people out for a workshop for 1-3 days is costly, so it better be worth it.  We, therefore, invite you to a conversation about how we can design a training program that fits your specific needs right now. You might want to focus on managing virtual teams, managing outsourcing partners, leading and managing people in a new part of the world, leading and managing people after a merger or acquisition. There are hundreds of scenarios so please contact us so that we together can develop the right program for you.

How does it work?

The Corporate Leadership Training modules are facilitated on a location of your choice and you invite and manage the participants. Gugin provides facilitator and course material. You pay a flat see per module irrespective of the numbers of participants. This way you can provide the right training to the right people in the right place in a cost-effective way without compromising the quality.

Please contact us here for a detailed description of each module and a discussion about how we can help you in the best possible way.

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