Damage control

Gugin provide damage control when the tension in the organization get out of hand

We can help you right away when:

  • Employee satisfaction suddenly drops after a merger, acquisition or major change in the organisation.
  • You need new ideas for leading a culturally diverse group of people
  • You need to know why the organisation doesn’t respond as expected to change initiatives

We have many options we can put into play in an emergency situation. It usually starts with that you brief us about the situation on a phone meeting. We then request some written material from you, which we will process within 24 hours if necessary.
We will then present a short-term plan for you which will help us uncover the problems and hopefully provide us with enough knowledge for us to advise you how to prevent further damage.
We then work on mid- and long-term plans together with you, which involves an in depth assessment, coaching of managers and leaders and a review of your change plan.

Contact us today for a discussion of your needs. The sooner the better.

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