Tools from Gugin will improve the organisational effectiveness:

  • Lowering the cultural friction in your organisation
  • Facilitate the necessary changes in your organization so that you can fully benefit from the cultural diversity
  • Align the corporate culture to the strategic goals and objectives
  • Develop and implement motivation- and reward systems, that work in a multicultural environment

Cultural diversity doesn’t only exist between national cultures. It also exists between different corporate subcultures and between different profession cultures within the same organisation.

Forbes has a great article on the importance developing corporate cultures. Read it here.

organisational effectivenessPreviously cross-cultural management and improving organisational effectiveness has been focused around outlining the differences between different national stereotypes with no or only little attention to how we can benefit from the diversity. Gugin has a very different approach to that.

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Today we live in a globalised world, where cultures blend more than ever before in history. It therefore doesn’t make sense using national stereotypes when trying to find out how to operate in a globalised world or how to make regional entity perform in the best possible way. By creating organisations that have room for cultural diversity organisational effectiveness will be improved if the leaders are cultural intelligent.

Instead we focus on a generic approach that enables the participants to identify cultural dilemmas and develop a solution that reconciles the opposing views in each dilemma. A reconciliation create two winners, while a compromise always create two losers. That is why a reconciliation of two opposing views is so powerful and inevitably leads to new synergies and lower cultural friction in the organisation.


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