Here is a reminder of why your company culture is your most important asset. Your company culture must be nurtured and cultivated like any other asset – otherwise, it loses its value.

We have listed 9 good reasons why a strong company culture is crucial for any company. Contact us for a talk about company culture and how you develop the right one.


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    1. Improved employee morale and satisfaction: A strong company culture fosters a sense of belonging, motivation and engagement among employees, leading to higher job satisfaction, better employee retention and lower turnover rates.
    2. Better decision-making: Companies with strong cultures often have clearly defined values and beliefs that guide decision-making at all levels of the organisation, resulting in more consistent, aligned and effective decisions.
    3. Increased productivity: A positive work environment and a culture that supports employee development and well-being can lead to increased motivation, creativity, and productivity among employees.
    4. Attracting and retaining top talent: Companies with strong cultures are often seen as more desirable places to work, making it easier to attract and retain top talent, which can give the company a competitive advantage.
    5. Improved brand reputation: A strong company culture can enhance a company’s reputation, improve customer loyalty, and increase the overall value of the brand. Companies with strong cultures are often seen as responsible, trustworthy, and committed to their employees, customers and communities.
    6. Enhanced teamwork and collaboration: A strong company culture encourages employees to work together towards common goals, promoting teamwork and collaboration, which can lead to more effective problem-solving and improved business outcomes.
    7. Improved financial performance: Companies with strong cultures often have better financial performance, as a result of increased employee engagement and motivation, improved decision-making and reduced turnover costs.
    8. Better customer satisfaction: A company culture that values customer service and satisfaction can result in improved customer experiences, higher customer loyalty and increased repeat business
    9. Increased innovation: A strong company culture that encourages creativity, risk-taking, and continuous improvement can lead to a more innovative and agile organization.

Anyone can copy your products or services but nobody can copy your culture

Customer loyalty and employee loyalty are two factors closely tied to your company culture. When you find your company in a crisis of some kind you have a much better chance of surviving and coming strengthened out of the crisis if you have a strong company culture. If your employees only stay because they need a job and your customers only buy because you are the cheapest you give yourself a much harder time than you have to.

In companies with a strong company culture, the customers will pay more and the employees will work for less because they get something much more valuable, belongingness. 

Why should you work with Gugin on creating a winning company culture?

Gugin is a consultant with expertise in creating strong corporate cultures, with the ability to help organizations define their values, beliefs and purpose, and implement programs and initiatives to reinforce and promote the desired culture. Gugin’s expertise can provide the guidance and support necessary to establish and maintain a strong corporate culture.

A good way to start is to get an overview of your organisation’s cultural strengths and weaknesses in relation to your strategy and the environment you are operating in. We, therefore, recommend our clients start with this workshop. After that workshop, you will have a clear view of your organisation’s cultural strengths and weaknesses and a plan for what to do next

  • We align your corporate culture with your strategy.
  • We take you safely through major changes in your organisation.
  • We develop the crucial cultural intelligence in your organisation by training your employees and leaders
  • We help you develop a competitive advantage with a unique corporate culture

Gugin has helped more than 600 companies around the world creating a winning corporate culture.

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Leadership Keynote Speaker by Dr Finn Majlergaard

Leadership Keynote Speaker by Dr Finn Majlergaard

Leadership keynote speaker, Dr Finn Majlergaard delivers thought-provoking global leadership speeches and workshops all over the world, based on 25 years of experience with 600+ companies. Anyone can copy your product but no one can copy your culture. Learn to become the best in leadership

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